Robbed: Bank Balance $0

Robbed: Bank Balance $0

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  1. Hi Michael. I guess I am really lucky to be living in Canada. I was just frauded $222.14 from my bank here in Guelph from a person living in India. The bank called me to tell me that my bank card was comprimised and that they would be putting the money back in my account in a couple of days and to my surprise, I had the money back in my back account in 2 days.
    The banks take resposibility for fraudelent activities on your account as long as you haven’t given someone your password or lent out your bank card. Hopefully where you are living, they follow the same rules as here in Canada. I work at TD and they are very good at trying to protect our money.
    Good luck Michael. I hope you see your money back in your account soon.

  2. A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life…even when those MF’s steal our money.

  3. Nice to hear (in a strange way) that it happens everywhere. I think Australia just had a huge scare last month when it was revealed a retailer had a scanner on its ATMs. (The lines were busy to the bank that day!) I don’t doubt the money will be returned by the bank … but the hassle and the concern that it can just as easily happen again are things I could do without!

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