My Nemeses


These are a few of the things that slow me down on the path to living life fully:


Procrastination: We’ve all come up against this from time to time. What always amazes me is that we can procrastinate on things that we actually want to do. Whether it be finding time for ourselves or committing to that starting point. I don’t know any other cure than to say ‘Right! The time is now. I’m doing this today despite my fear of the unknown.’

Habit: There’s good habits and bad ones, but the thing that ties them together is that they’re comfortable because they’re familiar, because they’re ours, because they’ve been with us a long time. Breaking free from habit can be a big jump or a slight shift, but either way the rewards are a fresh perspective, new appreciation and greater insight. For example: Ever move your framed pictures around the walls of your home? Try it and you’ll no longer take them for granted but see them with fresh eyes and renewed appreciation.  Forego habit and reinvigorate your world.

Indecisiveness: Option paralysis! There’s so many cool things in the world, in your town, to experience it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and an easy excuse why not to. Pick one and go for it. The rest will fall into place.

Perfectionism: We’d all like to get it right, and get it right the first time. Myself included. But if fear of failure is holding you back, remember that as an experience junkie attempting is winning. Better an optimalist than a perfectionist. (I read a great book last year The Pursuit of Perfect that advocates the benefits of living life to 80% and not worrying about the remaining 20.)

Getting Unstuck: Your plans are made, your course committed, but still you’re having problems getting out the front door. I call this ‘getting unstuck’. As much as I’ve travelled and despite how many years I’ve travelled, I still have problem with this. I think as humans we are large sedentary. We like nesting, appreciate routine, and find comfort in the familiar. I am no different, I like have a secure foundation to work from. But I also have this conflicting (and overpowering) need to explore and experience all the world has to offer. Give yourself an extra push out the door and like a rock in motion I promise you you’ll keep on rolling.

(Oh and I don’t like the dentist. Despite jumping off bridges, throwing myself out of planes, eating strange and unusual local delicacies, a trip to the dentist has me quivering at my knees. Even tough guys gotta have something they fear.)