About Me

I am The Experience Junkie – a Jack of all trades but master of none. I have been as long as I can remember. At nine months I was on my first flight – ok, I don’t remember that – but by ten years old I was flying solo as an unaccompanied minor on a flight to Europe, pushing every available button and not sleeping for fear of missing a single thing as my adventure unfolded. By 17 I was off to discover the world. I haven’t stopped. Turning travel into my trade and honing my observant eye by working as a travel writer & photographer for the past 15 years.



Travelling was a crash course in how rich and varied our world is. I was overwhelmed by the choice of how many things there are out there to do – to experience – that I started to write an ‘Experience List’ so I wouldn’t miss a thing and conceivably do it all. And when I did engage in an experience I revelled in its unfamiliar novelty; I was 100 percent present and at my most alive. But while travelling tempered my approach to life, even the most passionate traveller has to come home someday. And it was when standing still that I learned that I could take the same open-minded approach to life I had on the road and apply it to my days at home. The key is ‘challenge’.



As such, my mission is to live life as fully as if I were in death’s embrace – that tomorrow cannot be relied upon, so today should be savoured – and to inspire others to do the same.  I hope that in conveying my enthusiastic and reverential approach to life experiences – both local and global – that I can highlight the personal growth available to everyone every day by investing fully in the opportunities available to them.  By joining me in my endeavours, and sharing your experiences with me, I hope to open your mind to the possibilities around you and by doing so, to facilitate positive change in your outlook and within our community. 

~ Michael Sean Walters