The 7 Tenets of an Experience Junkie

Ultimately, any experience can be an Experience Junkie experience but ideally …

1. It is something new that you haven’t tried before however it doesn’t have to be. What is important is the discovery, however slight, found in the experience. If the experience is new to you, it is new.

2. It challenges you. Whether physical or mentally challenging, that challenge, however slight, has to be overcome.

3. It offers some unique cultural or destination bent. Something that couldn’t be found elsewhere and is either geographically unique (e.g. a volcano) or culturally unique (e.g. a festival, meal, or skill only practiced by a select group of people);

4. OR it is a relatively common experience that:
Has been interpreted or “flavoured” differently by a different approach (e.g. a shave which has different interpretations in every culture) or;
Is made exceptional due to the setting (e.g. kayaking on the Hudson River in the shadow of New York City or surfing in Alaska) or;
Has become common but you are experiencing it back at “its source” such as a sauna in Finland, getting a henna tattoo in India or eating sushi in Japan.

5. Requires you to become involved and learn something including stepping into someone else’s shoes and gaining greater insight. Observation is fine, but whenever possible get your hands dirty.

6. Is accessible to everyone, not solely by special invitation or arrangement, or exclusive to the wealthy or elite.
• If it is not accessible, the experience must be something that can somehow provide others greater insight.

7. It excites you. Even just a little.