Gettin’ it (Feedback)

I welcome your feedback, your suggestions, & your insights with respect to this site. If something resonates with you I’d love to hear about it. Fire away.


Hi Michael,

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog, it’s like a little gift in my in-box, your rendition of life’s adventures are inspirational and thought provoking…which could be interpreted the same I suppose.  We met in Tofino a couple of years back, very briefly over a lovely dinner at Long Beach Lodge.  We talked about your uncanny resemblance to one of my favorite actors, and your travelling experiences over the past year.

Continue to be well, to inspire and to be you.



Hi Michael,

I love the passion and vision of “The Experience Junkie”.

The first page I went to upon discovering your website was the “The 7 Tenets”. Not knowing what tenet meant I Googled it…and was a bit surprised that such a small word could be such a powerful one..


An opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true by a person or by an organization.”

Wow…that is a mouth full…and that’s what I call conviction. Obviously the chosen seven were well thought out, and with each tenet you carefully unfold the potential of opening a new door of adventure to those who might need your “nudge”.

All very simply (yet profoundly) stated, in terms that even the fearful can follow and take head. A road map perhaps, or a guide for the willing (and possibly for the not so willing).

Your wit and humor are stand out…

Love your style.

Still exploring your site…a lot of fun. Damn man…you’ve been to more countries than most presidents!

Sometimes the things that we fear most can become our most challenging and wonderful adventures…



Dear Michael,

I read your adventures with vicarious pleasure. Your writing is descriptive and evocative and I feel as though I have been many places with my friend. It’s nice being able to look at your photos and imagine I am there as well. It’s a moment’s escape from the hum drum day to day times. I love that you seem to be having such a full life. Keep it up!



Wow Michael, what a tremendous idea you’ve bought to the technological era.

As I’m writing this comment to you, your website has provided me with a bit of reflection. I’ve always wondered whether I was embracing life as much as possible. After having read your website (top to bottom), it reaffirmed for me that “I am living life edgier than most”.  Interestingly enough, your website has made me embrace the not so joyous aspects of life, reinforcing actually, that bad or even grieving experiences are within themselves experiences/life lessons that should be “embraced”.

As I write this to you; at this very moment I am in immense grief over the passing of my most admired great-aunt (who passed away this morning at 9am our time).  She was most admired by me, because she was – the experience junkie. From great adversity – surviving war time in Papua New Guinea; living on a remote island that is plagued with superstition, black magic and cannibals – to showing immense strength at the burial of her only son just after Christmas last year (and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what a remarkable woman she has been to me).

But additionally, your website has made me reflect, that I too like to push the boundaries a little with my own life, looking for that state of euphoria or hit of adrenaline. From early ‘09 I chose to move away from family and friends to Melbourne in pursuit of a holy grail in my career path, where I ended up working under very unpleasant conditions, that tested my perseverance … to migrating up to Sydney – developing beautiful friendships with people (life-long) in a place I very much considered “unwelcoming/soul-less” … to now moving back to Brisbane and changing my role (professionally) in a way that will take me completely out of my formal training *comfort zone* and into a role where it will embark upon my essential being and challenge me to oblivion. There will be moments, no doubt, where I will want to quit, but I will  persevere by drawing upon all my life’s experiences to get me through. I am determined that the ‘challenge’ will not break me. Surprisingly, I am not afraid!

In fact, now I am at a stage of developing longer term goals, where I now want more. So much so, that it may even lead me to moving to Canada. That’s the beauty of life and why I would never want to be psychic…it’s always exciting never knowing what you’re really going to get.

Take care and I’ll keep reading your blogs.