Do You Know Who Joseph Kony Is?

Do You Know Who Joseph Kony Is?

(I didn’t. And he’s about to become famous for all the wrong reasons.)

With regularity, the one thing that pulls at my heartstrings and emotionally overwhelms to the point that tears are guaranteed to form and spill is when I see ‘community’ getting together; when people put aside their differences for a common good and a united effort.

Many of you will have likely seen this video (below), so great is its momentum that it is speeding around the internet – one of the top trenders on Twitter, being shared from Facebook profile to Facebook profile – in the few short days since it was released on March 5th.

It’s a 30 minute video. A healthy investment of time when attention-grabbing, piano-playing squirrels have us laughing in 30 seconds. But I can tell you – without giving much away – that it is absolutely worth your time.

Beyond the content of the video, it’s an interesting and continuing idea that we’re on the verge of a new world order based on our recent inter-connectivity through social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. An instantaneous connection to each other that transcends borders which at the same time illustrates that despite different cultures, races, religions, and geography we’re all global citizens that share similar basic human desires for life, love, family, freedom and security. This video takes the next step and suggests that our shared existence makes us responsible for each other regardless of the distance and divides that separate us. (I couldn’t agree more.)

It also strives to make people power / the will of voices raised in unison a recognisable force for change and focus beyond what our respective governments and our local media may deem appropriate to engage us with.

Finally, it challenges our perception of fame and celebrity with a paradigm shift that suggests fame (or perhaps better termed: notoriety) can be used to flush out those hiding in the shadows and on the fringes of our focus can no longer get away with murder when the global glare of the world’s spotlight is shined upon them.

What do you think? A slippery-slope of a witch-hunt on a global scale OR people power affecting the balance of power through a chorus of raised voices?

For further reading on the issue check out this article published this past November: Obama Takes on the LRA



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