About this site


This is call to action for all those that want to DO MORE.

As a traveller for the past 20+ years (through more than 80 countries and all 7 continents) I have a wealth of experiences to share. I’ve done some amazing things, learned some incredible lessons and as such I hold the value of an ‘experience’ high above any material possession.           I want to start a movement.

A movement that starts with you. Whereby collectively we place greater value on experience, regain our child-like wonder and fascination with all the world offers, and in turn discover the greater potential within each of us to push beyond our boundaries of fear, habit and procrastination. It’s about challenging yourself, however slight. (See The 7 Tenets of an Expierence Junkie.)

I’m more than happy to share my experiences with you — 20+ years of travel tales, present discoveries and future adventures and insights. But I also want this site to be a forum within which other experience junkies and those aspiring can share their latest lessons and discoveries to a community of like-minded individuals that are eager to shrug off habit and challenge themselves on a daily basis to see things in a different light. To push themselves to try new things and savour life’s offerings. Together let’s catalogue everything there is out there to experience and why, if given the opportunity, you’ve just got to try it.

Hop on board. I promise you a fantastic and rewarding ride!