A Thought Provoking Question

A Thought Provoking Question

Which is better:

To be a boat adrift with no form of locomotion (paddles/ motor/ sails) or to be able to move but have no known port or destination?

What’s your answer?



  1. It’s better to be a boat adrift with no form of locomotion. That way you are challenged and you appreciate the journey to whatever the destination.

  2. Moving without having a destination is tiring. It’s fun and great and you learn a lot and you meet cool people along the way, but when you suddenly find yourself sitting down and breathing, you also learn to appreciate the gentle flow. Then you sit there for a while and you think to yourself: “So what’s next?”

  3. I would like to be a boat adrift with no form of locomotion (paddles/ motor/ sails and let the boat take me to wherever it wants to go. It is so peaceful and stressless to just drift around a lake and when you want to go back, you get a little exercise and swim the boat back. I have done this at my cottage and I just loved it.

  4. Neither option is preferred yet pressed to choose, I choose being adrift. Yes, I might become frustrated that I do not have the tools to get to my destination. I do however, have time and surroundings to reflect on how to acquire those tools. Perhaps the stars and currents will offer me some direction as they do the wayfarer. The tools to get to the destination are probably somewhere deep within me if I am creative and persistent enough to seek them out. The question you pose reminds me of “Life of Pi”. Very thought provoking.

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