Dental Drama

Dental Drama

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  1. Thank goodness for you that it is over, what an ordeal! And the moral of the story is……………….

  2. There are worse things than going to the dentist Michael. Can’t think of what they are right now…but there are worse things.

  3. Richard England

    Just reading that made me anxious; I really hate visiting the dentist as well. I’d rather bungee from a helicopter than have a tooth out.

  4. Hear hear Richard! I couldn’t agree more! When are we jumping?

  5. What on earth is “Chuck Craigle” wasting his time posting such an insensitive, ignorant, insulting note?!

    Michael, your post was well-written and boy do I relate to you! And I know a lot of people can empathize with your terrible, traumatic ordeal. Thank you for sharing your experience. The more I hear/read from people like you, the less alone I feel. :)

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