Belgium: Full of Experience Junkies

Belgium: Full of Experience Junkies
Yes, I’m watching you.

Well, kinda. Through the power of Google Analytics I’m paying attention to what you’re reading on this website and from where you’re visiting from. Since The Experience Junkie launched in late June I’ve had visits from over 78 different countries around the world – roughly the same amount I’ve visited. While some of those are supportive friends (thank you) others are strangers discovering the site, appreciating the thrust of the philosophy and seeing some of themselves in the ethos of embracing life through the range of experiences on offer.

Last week, I saw a spike in visitor numbers from Belgium. I couldn’t figure it out at first but further digging revealed that Belgium national newspaper De Morgen had run a story on The Experience Junkie. Click here to read the article.

More than exciting was that fellow journalist and traveller Debbie Pappyn got it! She got the philosophy behind The Experience Junkie, and she’s not the only one. Her article struck a chord with her readers. Belgium, it seems, is a country full of like-minded Experience Junkies.

I did a little dance when I saw the article. I wore a grin that stretched from ear to ear for the rest of the day. And if all that wasn’t enough to make my week, I received a lovely letter from Matthieu, who wrote:

Dear Experience Junkie,

I’ve been thinking for some time about leaving Belgium for a whole year but today I set a date and have decided that I start in February … and it is a relief. Now I can start focusing on planning, getting everything ready and see what happens. Planning is only as good till the day I leave, and from that moment, the world is open!

I’m already living along a few principles you are teaching (learn skills, try new things all the time, …)  I’ve started to eat everything. Even the things I don’t like. If people offer me something, I’ll eat it every time. I always order the strangest thing in the restaurant. Or let the chef decide what he can serve you! And in a new town, I always look for the local bar. A month ago, I had the best tapas ever in Spain!

Time to do some work, some planning and tonight enjoying the evening as never before. I feel relieved that I made a choice. Now it is time to make it a reality.

Greetings and enjoy!


  1. hi matthieu!

    i wish u good luck with ur travels and planning them! the main thing is not the plan (ja, dat klint raar) but the first step in the unknown: u will feel more free than ever…well, that was at least my experience when i went on a 3 month journey to india: i was finally feeling really free, cause a holiday of only 1 month always made me stress about the deadline, about not having enough time to do all the things i wanted to do abroad. so my advice is take your time!! :°) and ENJOYYY

    by the way i’m going to do a worldtrip of about one year after my 2 year study…and nothing is going to stop me of doing that: u only live once !!

  2. Hey Tina,

    Nice to hear your encouraging words.
    I’m not scheduling any dates. That will be something new for me. Until now I haven’t had more vacation than three weeks.
    Last night, a friend who is living in Florida, convinced me to stop over and do a road trip through the US (east to west coast and a lot in between). Start date is around June, end date is not known. We are going to list the things we want to see in advance and see what we encouter on the road. Now I just have to make my plans from march till June. But that will not be a problem :-)

    Have fun!

  3. ah ,one more thing are u from the flemish or french part of belgium? i am from bruges 😉 west-flanders: een vlaming dus ***

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