Loudest Flight Ever

Loudest Flight Ever
I’m travelling Alaska to Las Vegas. It sounds more impressive than it really is. I’m aboard my first Alaska Airlines flight as I write this.

Top Tip – Barely inside the US border and a short bus ride from Vancouver, Bellingham is a small, manageable airport that offers incredibly inexpensive flights further into the States via Alaska Airlines and Allegiant Air – with low taxes because you’re flying domestically as opposed to internationally.

I am bound for Las Vegas on what can only be described as a party plane. I have to wonder, are all planes bound for Las Vegas similarly filled with rambunctious passengers? Mine is filled with no less than two stag parties en route to what no doubt will be a wild weekend in Sin City. A woman, obviously inebriated, is running up and down the aisle with a mini-bridal veil attached to her head. (Kudos to the Alaska Airline flight attendants who are taking the party spirit in stride and even offering shout outs over the PA system to those with birthdays and impending nuptials.)

I’m sitting here wondering why more gaggles of gals and fraternities of boys don’t make trips together outside of pre-wedding flings. Flying with family is fine, a loved one romantic, but by the raucous behaviour here on this plane there’s no doubt flying with friends is a blast!

(Footnote: Upon landing the already noisy plane erupted into loud cheers and whoops of excitement as the flight attendant announced ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’. My ears are still ringing.)

What’s the best experience you’ve shared with friends on the road?



  1. Jeez, sounds like a rugby club bus tour. Or my brother’s stag do on board a “cruise” between the UK and France which involved lots of drinking, including pastis and beer on the harbour front at Cherbourg at 7 am, followed by a long sunburned return trip the next day. Perhaps not the “best”, but certainly memorable

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