Shared experiences

Have a passion you’d like to share?

An experience that took you outside your comfort zone but made you richer for your efforts?

A challenge you tackled that ignited a new way of thinking?

A surprising discovery that you made – whether at home or abroad – that you’d like to tell others about?

Stepped into another’s shoes and are wiser for it?

Or just something really cool to do that you wish more people could experience?

Well you’ve come to the right place! This is the forum (below) within which to share some of your favourite experiences.

Not sure where to start? Well have a read of The 7 Tenets of an Experience Junkie and see whether you have an experience that rings true, then start typing and start sharing.


(Call me a little crazy, but I am serious about documenting and cataloguing every experience out there. Certainly not something I can do by myself. Won’t you lend a hand?)