What is an Experience Junkie?

                ~ Michael Sean Walters

I will try anything once. Despite fear and without favour.  Anything.  Because I can.  Because I’m driven to. Because I haven’t yet.  I want to experience everything the world has to offer.  Everything.  This terrifies me as much as it excites.  I’m bored when I’m not challenged.  I’m not challenged if I’m not learning.  I learn best through the heady joy of hands-on discovery.  This is my secret to the fountain of youth. I seek to live each day like my last.  As such I don’t count on tomorrow because my journey is my destination. I roll with life’s offerings.  I seek out the odd, the unusual, and the offbeat.  My eyes wide open, my mind free of expectation.  I say ‘yes’ before the question is posed.  I jump feet first, both feet, trusting the net will appear.  I plan on getting my hands dirty.  And if I fall, it doesn’t matter.  Attempting is winning.  The experience is always enlightening, educating.  My risk is rewarded with empowerment; a greater sense of myself, my capabilities and my limitless potential if not in the act itself then in the learning from the experience.  In the end, all we have are our stories.  It is the rich content of those stories that create wealth in this life.  As a result I am a wealthy man.  Rich with understanding and insight. 

There are 194 countries in the world and I plan to get to each and every one of them before I die. Not for some badge of honour but because of the rich tapestry of culture and thinking that resides within each.  I flourish in lands foreign to me.  It is where my assaulted senses are at their most alive, their most challenged.  But I am not a tourist; I am the next notch up from traveller. I have an observant eye and a nose to sniff out what’s different, unique and experience-worthy.

I am The Experience Junkie.

So why do you care?  Well because you can be an experience junkie too.  If you have an openness to try new things or to look at old things in a new light, I can share my skills with you. I want to get you out your front door and to have you challenge yourself on a daily basis.  Together, we can forgo habit and the mundane.  I can motivate you to try things you didn’t think you were capable of and to reshape your view of the familiar.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.  I’ll be there with you every step of the way.