Goodbye Sugar

Goodbye Sugar

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  1. As my wife’s Chinese herbalist said years ago, “the more you eat sweet things, the more you want sweet things.” having said that, the occasional stick of sugar free gum might help!

  2. Congratulations on this new endeavor! Best to ensure a balanced diet at every meal which will reduce sugar cravings. Reward yourself with a non-food related experience. I might even try something myself in the near future (probably around 2014)

  3. Day Two and so far so good. I like the idea of rewarding myself with a non-food related experience!

  4. Bon voyage on your sugarless adventure Michael. You will be a pioneer. Do you think this same concept would work for me and french fries?

  5. OMG – I gave up sugar mid Feb – as I just Knew it was taking too big a part of my “pick me up – and energise me” routine. I found it tough especially straight espresso …and no more sprites/italina soft drinks etc …….but have plateaued. Keen to see how you go – whether I will invite the white stuff back into my life – albeit in a far smaller role ? n xx

  6. Thanks for sharing your 40g with me at that horrible movie. Are you still controling that urge?

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