Saying Goodbye (vs See You Later)

Saying Goodbye (vs See You Later)

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  1. Michael,

    In a way, I am glad for you to have that experience. It will make you even more aware of the impact you have on others when you say goodbye.

    I think I still get to say, see you later..even if the span of time is long..

  2. Nice! and yes: See you later!! Cool site and blog. Hasta la vista!

  3. Absolutely Tom! “See you later” knows no bounds of time BUT it is a firm commitment and quiet knowledge that one you will meet again even if you’re not sure when exactly that will be.
    As for me leaving others, I’ve long felt the guilt associated with being the breeze that blows in and out of my friend’s lives. I’m always been grateful that they’ve accepted my rollercoaster of a lifestyle and let me come and go with equal enthusiasm each time. I’ve always been grateful of having safe and welcoming ‘ports in the storm’.

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