My New Home: Antigua, Guatemala

My New Home: Antigua, Guatemala

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  1. Hi Michael, I love reading your posts. I am happy for you that you have found a place to live and wow, it looks so beautiful there.
    Good luck on learning Spanish and maybe one day soon, we will see you at a Kiwanis meeting again to hear all about Antigua, Guatemala. For now, I will look forward to your posts.
    Your mom’s friend and fellow Kiwanian.

  2. Hi Michael;

    So happy to hear that you have found your new home! Sounds divine and Antigua looks like a lovely city. I keep saying that I need to learn Spanish; let me know if you find an easy way (short of moving there!).

    We were at Mom’s for euchre on Friday night and she is thrilled for you! (Quel surprise!)

  3. Michael,

    I just love the view from your new place! I am glad you found a new home and wish you all the best for your new regiment.

    I’ve never been to Guatemala..!

    Best – Tom

  4. Tom,
    You can’t say things like “I’ve never been to Guatemala” to me … now my nature depends I pester, cajole and attempt to persuade you at every turn to come visit me. You more than most have the opportunity through work. Come come come come come; please please please please please!!

  5. Thanks Brenda. I really do love it down here. As for Mum, I think she’s happiest knowing I’m in one place than having to worry about me in a new place every day.
    As for Spanish, nothing beats being exposed to it everyday for practice and memory but failing that there are some great online programs for learning languages. One of the one’s I like is
    Come visit!

  6. Patty, thanks for the compliment and the supportive words. Happy to keep you entertained … and equally happy to showcase a story you might have to share on The Experience Junkie. Thanks too for the Kiwanis invitation. I’d love to come give another talk, perhaps the second time around I wouldn’t be quite so nervous.

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