When the Band Plays (Go Marching In!)

When the Band Plays (Go Marching In!)
I was at my mum’s on a Sunday afternoon late in the summer, when I could hear music from a live band wafting across the backyard.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, they have a live band giving free concerts every weekend throughout the summer. I’ve been meaning to go down and see it,” she said. “Maybe next weekend I’ll remember.”

“What about now?” I countered. “When the band plays, we should go marching in.”

It hadn’t dawned on my mum with her busy lifestyle and long ‘to do’ list of tasks to go without planning and scheduling.

Spontaneously we went; right then. We walked down to the park and caught the tail end of the concert which featured an orchestra playing famous theme songs and show tunes. We sat on a grassy rise and even danced barefoot in the grass to a couple of the catchier tunes.

Surprisingly, my step-father – who would reluctantly attend such things and as such was an excuse my mum might have used to not attend herself – even showed up. Realising we weren’t home he came in search of us and then just like that – without planning or preamble – we were a family enjoying an afternoon concert in the park.


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