Friend Bumping

Friend Bumping

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  1. Michael:
    You amaze me how you are able to coordinate your travel plans to meet up with all your friends no matter where you are!!. Very honor that we were able to “bumped” into each other in the little town of Guelph :)
    Happy Travel.

  2. You wouldn’t happen to be in Germany in a couple of weeks?

  3. Actually the SMS read “Am I dreaming or did you just rollerblade past me on Copa Cabana?” :-) I feel honored to have opened up a year’s worth of friend bumping! No doubt it will carry on into the next year…
    (that’s the new nickname after RainingInRio!)

  4. Stephan de Roeck

    I am just back from a tour in Rajasthan. The driver of the car we rented tried to convince us to add an unforeseen stop to our route. He said that the small town of Pushkar has a spectacular, once- a -year camel market, which was going on right at the time we were driving through the area. We reflected on it for a while and then decided to leave the main road. After some time on a winding, almost unhardened track, we reached Pushkar. Once there we decided to follow the flow of people up to the only Brahman temple in India and there I Friend Bumped Dominique, an old friend from Brussels!

  5. What a year you’ve had. I can totally relate to the thrill of bumping like this. My dad and I were coincidentally both in the UK (from Australia) in October and we tried our darndest to connect purely for that reason.

  6. Michael – the travel gods surely are looking after you! Great story about friend bumping.

  7. Nareshni (RESH)

    Hey there !
    Did I take that pic of you and Grant at Tikal??!! Please give me some credit 😉

    It’s Resh ! we met at Caves Branch in Belize.
    Hope you doing alright and made it to your next destination (where ever that )

    Will share my pics with you on fb.

    take care,


  8. Howdy Hey, my friend.

    I shared “Friend Bumping” and “The Coffee Experiment” with my mom this morning. Remember you and she went to the Academy of Sciences together?

    I am going to sign her up for your emails, as she enjoys your writing!

    Love to you from us,

    Tom, Nicholas and Blanche

  9. Hi Michael, enjoyed your story on friend bumping, here’s mine… I met George in Miami Beach through a mutual friend three years ago, we met AGAIN in Antigua, Guatemala this spring…and ran into each other AGAIN walking down the street in Bogota, Colombia a city of 8 million people two weeks ago!! I’m buying a lottery ticket.

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