Wreck Beach: Hippie Haven

Wreck Beach: Hippie Haven

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  1. Jessica Williams

    Hi there:

    Loved your blog on the nude beach in Vancouver. I really enjoyed it. I think that I will keep on my clothes still however that does not mean that one day I will feel confident enough to dawn thy birthday suit on a beach somewhere. Time will tell.

  2. Hey MSW,
    What an amazing story, I love it! Couldn’t picture you playing frizbee in the nude though; but then again i think i’m giving it way too much thought there.

    Wreck beach sounds amazing, so much so that i think i may just check it out when i get over to canada in 2012 (attending my friends wedding). It is really cool to hear that such a beach hasn’t lost it’s vibe and that vibe is resonating with so many people across generations, must be a bit of a spectacular.

    Keep up the stories, i love them.

  3. Bill O'Reilly

    Hi Michael,
    Brings back memories. Wish they had more public beaches like that in Ontario. How about a campaign for the shores of Georgian Bay????

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