Choosing the Right Volunteer Opportunity

Choosing the Right Volunteer Opportunity
Guest writer Jessica Williams explains why those interested in volunteering should chose who they want to donate their time to based on passion and interest and may likewise be interviewed on the same criteria by prospective ’employers':

I have spent seven years recruiting in both the volunteer capacity and as an employer.  Many people ask me what are the tricks to finding that perfect job.  There is a new trend with volunteer organizations that has emerged over the past seven years: They are now interviewing volunteers as if they are employees.

As a volunteer you are representing the organization and it’s cause so it makes sense to follow through with these interviews as you are really going to be an “unpaid employee”.  It just depends on where your passion lies and what you are going to do with your time.  Volunteering is a fine endeavor however if you decide to give your time to such an endeavor remember these few tips before the interview.

1.Is it what you want to do?  If you are the type of person that likes to get to know people and get out and socialize.  Working in a role that is going to be solitary or away from people may not be for you.  Inversely if you are a person that likes solitude, working for an organization in a position that will put you out front may not be much fun.

2.What are your strengths?  What do you enjoy doing?  Can you offer expertise in an area that will be beneficial to the organization?

3.Does the organization align with your values?  If you are not a Christian does it make sense to join The Salvation Army?

4.Learn about the organization.  Ask questions about who they are and what they want from their volunteers.

REMEMBER:  you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.  If you don’t feel right about the position or organization find something that fits for you.  It is your time and it is valuable.

Jessica Williams


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