Blading Bridge to Bridge

Blading Bridge to Bridge
… (and back again) in San Francisco.

In my quest to rollerblade every city I visit this year I pulled out my blades in San Francisco and discovered (surprisingly) that the city wasn’t the best for inline skating. No, not because of the hills – although they did limit the areas I could go – but because I couldn’t find any smooth road surfaces on my blade between the city’s two iconic bridges – the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate – with the one exception of a short stretch of heavenly asphalt near Crissy Field.

That said I did see some interesting things along the way and compiled a handful of photos documenting the trip, including the (rather clever, if I do say so myself) self-portrait of my blades in action.

The photos can be viewed either individually (with captions) or as a slideshow by clicking on either link.


Click here for a brief slideshow.


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  1. Brenda Saunders

    Loved San Franscisco but wouldn’t have thought to “do” it that way! Beautiful scenery!

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