An Inspiring Poem

An Inspiring Poem
Confessions of an Experience Junkie
by Will Chase
(Reader discretion advised)

(ode to Molly Bloom)

Order the strangest thing
on the menu. If you can’t pronounce
it, eat it.
Never take the same route twice.
Street, trail, slope, train of thought, line of reasoning.
What time is it? Now. Where are you? Here.
Pick at random. Be surprised.
Relish. Fail. Talk to strangers.
Keep a map in your car and mark off the trails taken.
Say yes. Say fucking-a yes. Feel your testicles tingle. Be aware.
Bathe in a conversation.
Try anything
Never ask “what is it” until
after you’re done.
Ignore your comfort zone.
Be here now.
For Christ’s sake, don’t think.
The journey is
the destination. Go as broad as possible, and as deep as necessary.
Touch her arm. Lean in. kiss her.
Let life live you. Give it a push now and then. You’ll know when.
Shower in what people have to offer. Let them shape you. Never get trapped. Share yourself. See where it leads.
Laugh at for with despite because and for no reason at all.
Dress appropriately.
Express. Learn. Grow. Laugh. Risk.
Back away at the peril of your spirit. Have another.
Think positive.
Just go. Get in there. Get out there. See what happens. Experience
what happens. Who happens.
Never regret. Eradicate habit.
Get hurt. Bleed.
Fit in.
It is a slippery slope to spiritual death. Assimilate.
Jump the shark. Chalk it up to life.
Believe in yourself.
Even if you fail you will not have failed.
Before you even know the question the answer is
If people are drinking it and turning blue, order one. Two.
Ignore definitions. Order the yeni raki just because you don’t fucking know what it is.
Forego expectations.
Fall in love. Easily.
Don’t be fucking stupid. Live to play another day.
Immerse yourself. Isolate yourself. Be yourself.
Eat dessert.
Set it on fucking fire.
Choose the one you’re most afraid of.
Smile. Be considerate. Don’t be selfish.
If you’re bored you’re not paying attention.
It all works out for the best. I promise.
Look the other person in the eye. Mean it.
Because you can. Because you have to. Because you haven’t yet.
Because your spirit demands it.
Eat at the buffet table.
Don’t just sit there.
Yes is voluntary.
The most important word is yes.
Give in.
Let go.
The most important word


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