I Didn’t Like the Dominican Republic

I Didn’t Like the Dominican Republic

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  1. Too bad to hear your report… sounds pretty disappointing.

    That said, I traveled in the DR alone for 3 weeks in Dec 2010, and had an Amazing experience… I recommend the Southwest. (also went to Samana, area of Las Galeras) saw some of the most beautiful beaches in my life. Yes, the DR IS a rough & tumble place (if you aren’t in a all inclusive, not for me) but that is kind of the “charm”.

    Anyway, hope you might make it back someday.. and have a different experience a bit more positive.

    :) By the way, where would you recommend in the Caribbean? Especially for good value?

  2. I’d whole-heartedly agree Monica. Good thing (travel) experiences are subjectively enjoyed (or not) or we’d all be doing the same thing, going to the same places. Glad to hear you enjoyed the DR.
    As for recommending other places in the Caribbean …. I tend towards the adventure side of things and places that offer something beyond the beaches. Cuba would be a top pick for it’s range of culture but depending on the currency you use (tourist or local) it can be expensive or cheap.
    I’ve been to St Lucia and enjoyed the island there. Mexico’s Caribbean is good value, as is Belize’s. Nicaragua has two very basic but quaint islands call the Corn Islands which would be small but exceptional value.

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