Thank You in Any Language

Thank You in Any Language

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  1. “I speak no English…” I’ve used it a few times, but never to this extent:

  2. That reminds me!!

    I try and learn the basic words in the language of the country to which I am going. When I started flying I was given a German trip and asked my boyfriend at the time (who was German) to help me with some words.

    I mastered all of the greetings and farewells and words for wines and proteins. Said boyfriend then taught me a phrase that he said would really make an impact on the passengers as they left!

    It was the end of a hard 11hr sector but I was feeling pretty fresh and confident because I had been able to communicate on a much easier level than my non German speaking colleagues, and even helped a few out.

    The passengers were leaving and I started thanking them in the way my ex had taught me (and I had mastered pronunciation of) but the passengers were for the most part looking at tme with shock, others with a smile. I called the only German speaking colleague on the flight to check my pronunciation…. I discovered that I had been telling people I was horny and up for a bit!

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