Holy Cow! Animal Attacks

Holy Cow! Animal Attacks

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  1. Peter worthington

    I was bitten by one of those fire ants in Byron Bay too. Terribly painful. And I’ve been charged by an elephant in Namibia.and stung so bAdly by a jellyfish on Bondi that I had a braid of Red welts around my waist for days. But the worst was when a 10 foot cobra attacked my jeep just outside of Durban, striking at it repeatedly. I hope the fucker broke his fangs!

  2. Geez! What provoked him to attack? (Forgot about jellyfish – was it a bluebottle? – bloody painful!)

  3. Brenda Saunders

    OK Michael- are you a city slicker? A cow is a she and I’d never thought before but is it the cow that’s holy or is it just being bovine that makes it holy? In any case, based on your history, you should steer clear of animals!! (insects and reptiles also!)

  4. Alex. Bogue

    I note that Brenda Saunders, has advised Michael to STEER clear of animals……Thought that was a subtle message !! Does Brenda have any “UDDER” puns she could offer ??
    Your picture shows a bell round the cows neck……….Is this because the horns don’t work ??

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