People are fascinating

People are fascinating

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  1. Brenda Saunders

    Hi Michael;

    My philosophy has always been that people all over the world are the same. We want the same things for ourselves and our loved ones.

    Lately there’s been a lot said about the ways in which Muslims are different to the rest of us. What do you think about that?

  2. I agree Brenda. It’s only the surface or window dressing that differentiates our cultures (and that’s most certainly a large part of what I find fascinating) but deep down as you’ve said, we have the same basic needs and core desires for our own health and happiness and that what we desire for our family and friends.
    I was 17 when I was first travelled through the Middle East and I loved it. There’s a rich vibrancy to the Muslim world and an incredibly generosity & openness as well. And while ‘foreign’ to most of us, you have to admire their commitment to their beliefs which can see prayers five times a day and an annual month long fast during daylight hours.
    It’s a shame that one more ‘commonality’ amongst people the world over is the desire to be right at the exclusion of all others – often most prevalent in religions and race – and that human trait is what we can blame so much of our disagreements throughout history on.
    A willingness to accept that there is more than one ‘right way’ (and dare I ask ‘appreciation’ of our differences?!) would solve so much.

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