Grease Pole Climbing

Grease Pole Climbing

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  1. Not my home town but should be mentioned. Myself and my boyfriend were enjoying a nice walk through Copacabana, admiring the traditional clothes and the weather. We stopped when we began to see some colour and garlands and spilt liquid gleaming in the sun. The drunk guy at the front of a decorated car, throwing beer all over it while the owners watched, made us wonder why they didn’t throw a punch. Instead, they shook his hand and fed him more beer. Their car sufficiently blessed by the priest, the family moved on to clear the way for the next car in the queue to receive it’s baptism by beer. Amazing and absolutely worth a trip there.

  2. That’s a great story Ciara! Was it for a particular festival? A particular time of year? Baptism by beer! I can think of a lot of guys who would be happy to be baptized that way … and a number of other guys who’d be crying over the spilled beer. Thanks for sharing!

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